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A spotlight on your company. A presentation to your audience. Your brand encompasses your products, services, ideals, values and the entirety of your company. It must grab your audience, convey your message and represent your company. It is your voice in the market, spoken through design. We promise to work with you to create complete branding campaigns that you are blown away by.

Digital Design

Communication in its most modern form, effective websites, blogs and other digital media complete many companies branding campaign while adding value and generating revenue. Our interactive designs, custom developed for you, aim to turn a simple experience into your next customer.


Print is far from dead. It is vital to most companies, key to marketing and a timeless way to physically create a presence and leave a lasting impression. Whether it be flyer’s, posters, or any other deliverable, we work to create designs that simply convey your information through effective design.

Web Design

A great website should be able to communicate effectively with your target audience in a cohesive and intuitive manner. A website should be the ambassador to your brand, it educates your audience and invites them to return again and again. We have the capabilities to provide a bevy of services from UX/UI design, CMS web development, Responsive designing, eccomerce and more.


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  • Branding, Logo + Identity

  • Web + App Development

  • Ecommerce Development + Consultation

  • Signage

  • Book Cover + Printing Solutions

  • Promotional Materials

  • Name + Tagline Conceptualization

  • Custom Packaging

  • Commercial Print Solutions

  • Art Direction + Consultation

  • Apparel Design + Printing

  • Custom Illustrations

  • CAD + 3D Illustrations

  • Social Media Management



We begin organically, getting to know our client through consultations, meetings and an interactive interview. Understanding the core of our clients' product and values, we are able to best visualized the future of their brand and its place in the market.

Information and Inspiration:

Intensive comparative market research then follows. We evaluate the competition, the customers, the potential customers and the entirety of the product, giving us insight, information and inspiration.

Hands On:

To the drawing board! We love sketches. It is part of our creative process, part of our inspiration, part of what sets us apart. We create original designs with you in mind. Nothing borrowed, nothing copied. Just us and our sketch books to begin the creative process.


This is where form and function align. Original concepts are expanded, examining and evaluating all communicative factors including style, color, type font, and design. With this step and client feedback and discussion, we come to a final, cohesive identity that is engaging and effective.


The launch of your new identity. Any necessary client preparation and education are carried out, and all pieces and aspects are completed, implemented and delivered to you in final format.

Meet the Team Development and Design


Peter Butler

Creative Director

John Rehwald

Senior Designer

Kalin Butler

Project Manager