Meet the Team Development and Design

Branding is about giving personality to your business. People don't fall in love with companies, they fall in love with personalities that align with their own and ones they trust. We help create those connections through smart thinking and thoughtful design.

img9Peter Butler

Creative Director / Founder

I have over 10 years of graphic design experience, backed with an art and business based education. My passion is design and owning my own creative firm has been a long held dream. Nothing is more professionally fulfilling than building a company that allows me to follow my passions while contributing to a great creative team that enables our clients to fulfill their dreams and passions as well. Beyond design, my personal passions include playing soccer, tennis, lacrosse and golf. I have found my highest creative potential and most productive business meetings often happen on the course.






img11John Rehwald

Creative Mechanic

Before joining Urban Creatives, I studied engineering and philosophy at the University of Portland. Keeping my "headiness" in check, I make time to ski, surf and anything else that comes along that peaks my interest (although not as often as I'd like).  I bring a focus on balance and pushing design to create a unique, cohesive voice.






img11Kalin Butler

Business Bookie/Creative

Someone has to do the paperwork! Beyond the books, I bring a background in business management, sales and pre-law. I am a mom and a craft junky, sewing any late night when my baby is sleeping and since have started Urban Baby Organics, an online baby organic items. I love being a part of this creative company and look forward to years to come!