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Why choose Urban Creatives over the "other" guys..


We are a specialty design company. Everything is authentic: we create from the ground up, beginning with research, sketches and strategy. Our designs are original, have meaning, are cohesive with a company’s brand promise/message and create an identity that is consistent. We take the time needed to create brands which add everlasting value to each company.

Urban Creatives wants to develop your brand to speak your promises and to create a relationship that is lasting for your clients. Our brands promise to be modern, distinct and to create a brand identity that is active through a range of visuals, verbal and aural platforms. We create an identity derived from your companies core values and purpose. When I see an amazing brand like Apple or Polo, I get this overwhelmingfeeling of awe and inspiration. This inspiration drives me to not only create an awe inspiring self brand, but to also create one for you, your company and your clients.


We at Urban Creatives create brands that are memorable, are consistent and original. Companies come to us with a problem: they need better visibility, need a brand with strategy and creativity. We create a

solution through design.