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Why Branding is so important


Why are the brands Apple, Starbucks, Nike and Adidas so successful? What is your go-to brand when it comes to buying a phone, computer, shoes, clothes, coffee or a car and why? I’ll tell you why…

Each of these differentiating brands have a brand purpose which they have created from the ground up, building a lasting relationship with the consumer. These brands promise to be innovative, to be modern, to out perform their competition and to have a lasting impression created through trust. 


The reason branding is so important today is because there are so many companies offering the same services or creating the same products. Branding goes beyond the abilities or benefits of such services or products. Branding is what makes a company stand out. It’s visual often conveys a promise or guarantee: (Apple) to stay innovative and modern, (Nike) to have quality, style and performance, etc. Consumers continue to buy certain brands over others because of that guarantee, that trust. Urban Creatives helps develop each company’s brand into such a guarantee, building market visibility for each company through smart design and a cohesive identity consumers can come to trust.


There are 4 important questions that we ask and are needed to be answer with as much thought as possible to get a better understand and idea about your brand and company. They are as follow: 



1.   Who are you? (purpose, core values…) (the defining reason for existence; gives meaning to all who interact with the brand)


2.   What do you do? (who do you serve and what are their needs? Who is your target demographic?)


3.   How are you different? (point of distinction; why you vs. your competition)


4.   What is your promise? (be credible; align with why you're in business. Provide value; add benefit to people you are trying to serve or provide the service to)